Our vehicle - Taxi - Colmar's region - Alsace

Voitures Schwendi has chosen a French car: Renault Espace Initiale Paris.

Welcome on board - Voitures Schwendi Espace

A nice vehicle, always with easy access for people with reduced mobility.

The vehicle is equipped with automatic air conditioning. The driver will set the temperature at your request.

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Cleanliness and security of the vehicle

With Voitures Schwendi you enter in a clean vehicle. Car's body and car's interiors are regularly cleaned to make your journey a more pleasant one.
Like all taxis, each year we have to take the car for a technical inspection carried out at a legally approved testing centre. Meanwhile, an auto mechanic do the eventual maintenance of the vehicle for your own safety.

Our insurance covers passengers and their luggages. All taxis operate under the same type of insurance.

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Up to 6 persons
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24 / 7